Angry Sam's Rants & Raves
Who is Angry Sam???


Heads up Jerry Stahl! Say hello to Angry Sam!!!

On any given day when Sam is not on location or in a sterile office prepping his next show, you can find his creative energy proliferating in his Silverlake home. You can count on one (if not all) of three things at those times; a)4-8 cups of coffee racing though his system b)a bent, half smoked cigarette dangling from his chapped lips c)a tall glass of cheap whisky and water over ice sweating on a stack of 3 year old, unpaid parking tickets. Sam is a leftover from the Lost Generation so to speak. The works of other artists such as Henry Miller, Jackson Pollack, Jack Kerouac and John Coltrane have served as inspiration for Sam's living. They have given him reason and rhyme to have a faint belief that an aritst can be appreciated, that this world still has room for writers of his caliber, that we are not strictly an age of the almighty dollar, where creativity is a liability and marketing know-how an asset.

Since Sam is one of the biggest supporters of my photography I have decided to do my part and post his rants and raves. His topics will range from the floozy, wanna be actress he sacked while on location to the concept of "collateral damage" in recent months of "war" with Yugoslavia, or the marketing folly of Y2K.

Be assured of this, Sam is ANGRY and FURIOUS, he writes much like a runaway train, offering no apologies along the way. Stay tuned for weekly additions and please feel free to email Angry Sam for more information at

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1)First, print your favorite Angry Sam(s)
2)At the next party or social gathering, proceed to mix a liberal amount of alcohol into your system. Angry Sam recommends whisky, however any booze will do.
3)Once your buzz is simmering to a boil (uncovered) proceed to coordinate with the host to kill the music. If the host is uncooperative, use force. Angry Sam has found that a loud voice will do the trick, kinda like a deer to a gun shot fired into the air.
4)Find the nearest coffee or kitchen table and take a stand a top the table.
5)Take your crumpled copy of Angy Sam out of your pocket and proceed to read it as loud, fast and Angry as you can.
6)Assuming you haven't fallen off the table or been chased out of the house, proceed to read it again or move on to your next Angry Sam.

Tips for Angry Sam:
-Do it naked.
-Have your girlfriend or boyfriend go go dance to any James Brown record.
-Call up your friends and realtives and start reading over the phone without interruption

As you might expect Angry Sam makes no apologies for anything that might go wrong. In fact he might get rather surly with you. Email your success stories to

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